Proseminar IV:Text, Theory, Culture

The Study of English Literature: An Introduction, Part IV, FS 2008, Tu 16-18

Warm and Back up

1. 19.2.     Introduction: Barry and Norris. Overview. Why Theory?

2. 26.2.     Roland Barthes, “From Work to Text”

3. 4.3.     Friedrich Nietzsche, from Die Genealogie der Moral. together with Michel Foucault, “Nietzsche, Freud, Marx.”

Culture and Its Unconscious

4. 11.3.     Sigmund Freud, Das Unbehagen in der Kultur

5. 18.3.     Julia Kristeva, from Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection

6. 01.4.     Max Horkheimer & Theodor W. Adorno, from Die Dialektik der Aufklärung


7. 08.4.     Roland Barthes, from Myth Today

8. 15.4.     Slavoj Zizek, “Seven Veils of Fantasy”; Louis Althusser, from “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses”

9. 22.4.     Fredric Jameson, from “On Interpretation: Literature as a Socially Symbolic Act”

Postmodernism –Feminism - Deconstruction

10. 29.4.     François Lyotard, “What Is Postmodernism?”

11. 6.5.     Judith Butler: “Contingent Foundations” from Feminist Contentions

12. 20.5.    Jacques Derrida: “Some Statements and Truisms About Neo-Logisms, Newisms, Postisms, Parasitisms, and Other Small Seisisms”

13. 28.5.    Essay in exam situation