MA Seminar: Classic Hollywood

M.A. Seminar: Classic Hollywood

Thus. 16.15-18.00

(1.) 21. Feb - Introduction

(2.) 28. Feb – Novel:
Merton of the Movies. Harry Leon Wilson (1922)


(3.) 7. Mar – Movies: What Price Hollywood. George Cukor (1932) and A Star is Born. William Wellman (1937)


(4.) 14. Mar - Movie: A Star is Born. George Cukor (1954)


(5.) 21. Mar - Novel: The Last Tycoon. F. Scott Fitzgerald (1941)


(6.) 11. Apr - Novel: The Day of the Locust. Nathanael West (1939)


(7.) 18. Apr - Movie: Sunset Boulevard. Billy Wilder (1950)


(8.) 25. Apr - Movie: All about Eve. Joseph Mankiewicz (1950)


(9.) 2. Mai - Movie: Singing in the Rain. Stanley Donen (1951)


(10.) 16. Mai - Movie: The Bad and the Beautiful. Vincente Minnelli (1952)


(11.) 23. Mai - Movie: Mullholland Drive. David Lynch (2001)

(12.) 30. Mai - What you have learned

Please bear in mind: To come to class without having done the reading (or viewing) makes little to no sense. You cannot fruitfully partake in class discussions if you have not prepared for them. All primary texts must, therefore, be read and, in the case of the films, viewed, before the class session dealing with them. The novels need to be purchased individually. Copies of the films are in the library, but I recommend you buy your own copy, like you would buy your own copy of the books. (The DVDs are actually even cheaper than the books. Many of the movies can also be watched via online streaming.)


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