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MA/Liz Seminar: Shakespeare and/in Theory

MA/Liz Seminar: Shakespeare and/in Theory
Thursday 4-6

0. (18. Sep) Introduction and distribution of oral work. Discussion of "Shakespeare Enfranchised" in Shakespeare in French Theory by Richard Wilson.

Hamlet - The Tragedy of Fantasy

1. (2. Oct).
-- Sigmund Freud, *"Trauer und Melancholie" ("Mourning and Melancholia")
-- Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok, *"Fantasy", "Mourning or Melancholia", *"Notes on the Phantom", *"The Phantom of Hamlet", in The Shell and the Kernel.

-- Sigmund Freud, Die Traumdeutung. Passages on Hamlet (p. 270-274) as well as passages on 'Verschiebung' (displacement), 'Verdichtung' (condensation) and wish-fulfillment (passim).
-- Laplanche and Pontalis, *"Fantasy and the Origins of Fantasy", in Formations of Fantasy, edited by Victor Burgin

2. (9. Oct).
-- Christoph Menke, *Die Gegenwart der Tragödie, p. 161-187.

3. (16. Oct). Shakespeare's Hamlet

Richard III - The Passion of Power

4. (23. Oct).
-- Friedrich Nietzsche on 'Wille zur Macht', 'Ressentiment' in Zur Geneologie der Moral (passim)
-- Carl Schmitt, *"Hamlet oder Hekuba"

-- Carl Schmitt, Die Politische Theologie
-- Ernesto Laclau und Chantal Mouffe, on "hegemony and antagonism" in Hegemony and Socialist Strategy (p. x-xix, and p. 93-148).

5. (30. Oct).
-- Jacques Derrida, *Rogues. Two Essays on Reason, S. 1-70.

6. (6. Nov). Shakespeare's Richard III

Measure for Measure - Discipline and Transgression

7. (13. Nov).
-- Michel Foucault, *"Truth and Power", *"The Subject and Power", *"Space, Knowledge and Power" in Essential Works of Foucault, volume 3 on Power.

8. (20. Nov).
-- Slavoj Zizek, *Looking Awry, chapters 1-3 and chapter 7

9. (27. Nov). Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

Merchant of Venice - Policing Pleasures

10. (4. Dec).
-- Réne Girard, Violence and the Sacred, chapters 1, 2, and 6
-- Sigmund Freud, Unbehagen in der Kultur (passim)
-- Sarah Kofman, Conversion. Le Marchand de Venise sous le signe de Saturne

11. (11 Dec).
-- Judith Butler, Gender Trouble. Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, p. 1-35.
-- Shoshana Felman, "Textuality and the Riddle of Bisexuality", in The Claims of Literature. A Shoshana Felman Reader.

12. (18 Dec).
Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice

Texts marked with * will be placed into a virtual library for you to download. Given that this may be a starting point for your own research, you may well want to read other parts of the books assigned. Thus we are placing these books on the reserve shelf as well.
Aktive Mitarbeit means just that.
Liz-Schein as well as credit for this course as part of the M.A. requirement implies a written piece of work, between 15-25 pages, which you should discuss in advance with myself or one of my assistants. Deadline for the paper is the middle of the Spring Term 2009.