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MA Seminar: Hoffmann, Poe, Hitchcock - Charmed Vision

M.A. Seminar: Hoffmann, Poe, Hitchcock: Charmed Vision

Prof. Elisabeth Bronfen, Thursday 16.15-18.00

(1.) 19 Sept – Introduction

(2.) 26 Sept – Analyzing Hitchcock’s film language

(3.) 3 Oct – E.T.A. Hoffmann: “Der Sandmann”

 *Sigmund Freud: “Das Unheimliche”

 *Stanley Cavell: “The Uncanniness of the Ordinary”

(4.) 10 Oct – Poe: “Ligeia”

 *Elisabeth Bronfen: “Risky Resemblances”

(5.) 17 Oct – Hitchcock: Vertigo

*Mladen Dolar: “‘I Shall Be with You on Your Wedding-Night’: Lacan and the Uncanny”

*Slavoj Žižek: “Vertigo: The Drama of a Deceived Platonist”

(6.) 24 Oct – Chris Marker: La Jetée / Sans Soleil

*Chris Marker: “A free replay (notes on Vertigo)”

(7.) 31 Oct – Poe: “The Man of the Crowd”

 *Elisabeth Bronfen: “Nocturnal Flaneur”

(8.) 7 Nov – Hoffmann: “Des Vetters Eckfenster”

(9.) 14 Nov – Hitchcock: Rear Window

 *Dana Brand: “Hitchcock, Poe and the Flaneur in America”

(10.) 21 Nov – Poe: “The Fall of the House of Usher”

(11.) 28 Nov – Hoffmann: “Der Magnetiseur”

(12.) 5 Dec – Hitchcock: Spellbound

(13.) 12 Dec – Ernst Lubitsch: Die Puppe (Viewing in class)

(14.) 19 Dec – What I have learned

Please bear in mind: For all students taking this class the requirements are as follows: writing one Sitzungsprotokoll and preparing a thesis statement for each class session. Furthermore: coming to class without having done the reading/viewing makes little to no sense. You cannot fruitfully partake in class discussions if you have not prepared for them. All texts more therefore be read and films viewed before the respective class sessions. Copies of the films are in the library, but I recommend you buy your own copies as you buy your own copies of the books (the DVDs are actually even cheaper



* Brand, Dana. “Rear-View Mirror. Hitchcock, Poe, and the Flaneur in America.” Hitchcock’s America. Ed. Jonathan Freeman and Richard Millington. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999.

* Bronfen, Elisabeth. “Risky Resemblances.” Over Her Dead Body. Death, Femininity and the Aesthetic. Manchester: Manchester UP, 1992.
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* Žižek, Slavoj. “Vertigo: The Drama of a Deceived Platonist.” Hitchcock Annual Anthology. Ed. Sidney Gottlieb and Richard Allen. New York: Wallflower Press,

All the texts marked with an asterix (*) can be downloaded from OLAT [search