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Händler der Geheimnisse
A Novel

Fifty years after the end of World War II, Jewish-American veteran George Bromfield dies suspiciously in a New York hospital. Could it be that his second wife precipitated his death? Attempting to uncover the mysterious circumstances of his death, his daughter Eva and her brother Max dig deeper and deeper into their father's secretive past. In Munich and New York, the siblings go in search of clues to find out why their father returned to Bavaria at the end of the war and explore how this ties into his friendship with a portrait painter and Nazi collaborator.


Elisabeth Bronfen deftly blends a spy story with a family drama, depicting the aftermath of a culture of secrecy that characterized the postwar period from 1945 onward.


The novel will be released in German by Limmat Verlag in October 2023 (see the preview catalogue).


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Shakespeare & Seriality

This book project, titled Shakespeare: In Serie (to be published by S. Fischer Verlag) follows upon Elisabeth's most recent publication, Serial Shakespeare: An Infinite Variety of Appropriations in American TV Drama. It will explore the philosophical, psychoanalytic, and aesthetic implications of seriality within Shakespeare’s dramatic works.


This entails treating his oeuvre as a complex aggregate, in which each of the plays functions as an individual machine that itself is predicated on serial structures regarding character figurations, thematic constellations and poetic formulas. When individual plays are then crossmapped – based not on chronology or genre but on common themes and concerns – what emerges is an operative hermeneutics: a reading effect that traces transformations and refigurations developed from one play to the next.

Read more about the project here.

Lust auf...
More from Elisabeth's Kitchen

Elisabeth is currently working on her second cookbook, titled Lust auf...


Her first cookbook, Obsessed: A Cultural Critic's Life in the Kitchen, which won the 2020 Gourmand Award in the US translation section.

More information will be shared soon.

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