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A Novel
On Family & the Past

Elisabeth is currently working on her first work of fiction, a family novel which unfolds in two crucial moments: during the fall of the Nazi regime in the spring of 1945 in Bavaria, and 50 years later, once more in Munich (where my heroine is an Associate Professor of theater studies) and in New York City (where a murder has allegedly taken place). It is conceived as is a historical crime story, circling around two black boxes. A decorated WWII veteran mysteriously dies in a hospital in Manhattan, after having had a stroke. The heroine and her brother come to suspect that his common-law wife may have pulled out the tube of his ventilator, causing him to suffocate. In the process of mourning, the two siblings also begin reassessing their father’s activities during the war, particularly in light of his subsequent attempt to pass over the matter of his Jewish heritage.


Read more about the project here.

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Shakespeare & Seriality

This book project, titled Shakespeare: In Serie (to be published by S. Fischer Verlag) follows upon Elisabeth's most recent publication, Serial Shakespeare: An Infinite Variety of Appropriations in American TV Drama. It will explore the philosophical, psychoanalytic, and aesthetic implications of seriality within Shakespeare’s dramatic works.


This entails treating his oeuvre as a complex aggregate, in which each of the plays functions as an individual machine that itself is predicated on serial structures regarding character figurations, thematic constellations and poetic formulas. When individual plays are then crossmapped – based not on chronology or genre but on common themes and concerns – what emerges is an operative hermeneutics: a reading effect that traces transformations and refigurations developed from one play to the next.

Read more about the project here.

Lust auf...
More from Elisabeth's Kitchen

Elisabeth is currently working on her second cookbook, titled Lust auf...


Her first cookbook, Obsessed: A Cultural Critic's Life in the Kitchen, which won the 2020 Gourmand Award in the US translation section.

More information will be shared soon.

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